Words about Values ​​- Speaking Creativity

Dates / 28.10. - 28.10.
Time / 13:00 - 19:30
Price / 380€
Students & Seniors / 50% off / 190€

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Müllerstraße 46a / München

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Workshop for creatives to market themselves and their art more successfully with Stefan Suchanek/

Especially in the creative industry, it is primarily with craftsmanship to convince beauty and ideas, not empty pods. But it is precisely these "soft skills" of creativity that need the right words and the right appearance in order not to be misinterpreted or dismissed as unimportant. Because yellow is not equal to yellow.

It is about the positive effect on customers, listeners and business partners, as motivation and strength, to break new ground and make decisions easier.

Learn how to get more out of yourself, present your qualities, reduce negative moods and build enriching relationships. How to avoid mistakes, develop charisma and improve your impact on others.

The speech and persuasion art.

1. The good sound
Enjoying speaking, choice of words, self-esteem, breathing technique, avoiding conjunctives and apologies, pauses in conversation, strength of rest, humor and positive response.

2. The good speech
The thread, preparation, tools, body language, audience, message, touching people, power of attraction and distance, completion and memory. The principle of aesthesis: the theory of light and sensory perception.

3. The good speaker
Your tasks: mentor, maker, inspirer and entertainer
Her tools: credibility, style, charm

In one day you will learn the tools of persuasion and charming appearance. Become a creative leader, speaker and inspirer.
Effective and entertaining.