Dates / 20.11. - 22.11.
Time / 11 - 6 pm
Price / 690€
Students & Seniors / 200€ off / 490€

Benjamin Eck Projects

Müllerstraße 46a / München

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SIGN UPS via / workshops@benjamin-eck.com


Lee.K workshops are available for everyone who is interested in drawing/painting, even for beginners who haven’t painted before. The workshop should be seen as a collaboration with Lee K. and not as a process that everyone have to do by their own.

Lee.K will focus on graphite drawing, how to get skin tones with multicolor-ballpoint pen and will introduce the students to another way of figurative painting with oil.

The workshop will be a valuable time to develop your painting skills (further).
Lee.K shares his skills with everyone on a one-to-one repetitive and will work side by side with the students to help them achieving their own masterpiece.

Day 1: Graphite Drawing
By using the reference provided by Lee.K, students will learn the graphite drawing skills and techniques of stick graphite. In particular, the skill and usage of stick graphite will be remembered as a very interesting time

Day 2: Multicolor-Ballpoint Pen
By using the reference provided by Lee.K, Lee.K shares how to achieve skin tones and how to create rich colors with a multicolor-ballpoint pen.

Day 3: Oil Painting
Students will learn brand new skills of painting and how to get skin tones by using limited colors.

The most important thing is to make one art work per day.

Students will receive a limited print signed by Lee.K as a giveaway, only made for this workshop.
Additionally Lee.K will bring the original portfolio book to Munich so that the students can see it during the workshop.


The workshop will have a wildcard spot that is free for an artist who can not afford the class. Lee.K and the gallery team will review the submissions and select a promising artist.

You can apply for the placeholder by emailing three of your artworks at workshops@benjamin-eck.com.