Dates / 18.08. - 20.08.
Time / 11-6 pm
Price / 690€
Students & Seniors / 100€ off / 590€

Benjamin Eck Projects

Müllerstraße 46a / München

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Watercolor Portraiture for Beginners/Intermediates

Workshop Outcome: To paint a stylised portrait

Key Exercises:

Mixing Skin Tones
Watercolor Techniques
Drawing from Reference & Faces
Experimenting mixed media (Masking Fluid, Gold Ink, Gouache)
Painting a Face

DAY 1:

Introductions, Exercises, Techniques & Drawing

Introduction to students
Basic Watercolor Skills
Wet on Wet
Wet on Dry
Color Mixing & Color Theory
Mixing with basic colours
Warm & Cool Colours
Mixing Basic Skin Tone
Experimental Techniques
Blooms, Bleeds, Lifting
Drawing Faces
How to draw a face
Observational drawing & using a reference

DAY 2:

Portraits I

Painting a Face
Abstract & Minimal Portrait Using 2 Colors
Draw a second portrait
Mixed Skin Tones
Painting 2nd Face
Semi Realism
Painting Backgrounds & Abstract Washes

DAY 3:

Portraits II

Painting a finished, unique portrait from scratch
Drawing a portrait of a celebrity / person the participant has chosen
Using techniques we have learnt from Day I and II to paint the portrait
Incorporating Mixed Media (If time allows i.e gouache, masking fluid, white & gold ink)

Student Materials:

Watercolour Palettes & Paint
Watercolour Paper
Portrait Photo References x 3
OPTIONAL: White Ink, Gold Ink, Masking Fluid, Gouache.

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