Jaime Valero

Dates / 19.10. - 20.10.
Time / 12 - 7 pm
Price / 690€
Students & Seniors / 50% off / 345€

Benjamin Eck Projects

Müllerstraße 46a / Glockenbachviertel

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Sign in/ Kathy@benjamin-eck.com

Welcome to the workshop!

In these two days we will go through the whole process of an oil painting, from the first approach, through the successive glazing layers and to the final touches. By understanding and organizing the process of creating an oil painting we will make much easier and richer your capacity to work with them.

The subject will be a portrait based on an image that I will bring for each of you to the workshop. In order to have everything ready to get the most out of our time together, I will create a Facebook group, to try to set certain common guidelines, very important when working on a Workshop (right support, brushes, color, etc). There, we will comment and solve any doubt or question you may have.

My main goal is to trasmit every single aspect of each step, not hidding a detail. It is not about creating a whole painting in two days, but about leaving the course being able to face any new work in much better conditions and with more and better tools in our head and hands. To achieve that I will do some demos, thoroughly explaining every step of the process and then, we will apply it all to our own paintings.

My intention is to touch and practice each moment of the process even though that will not mean to finish every part of our painting, but instead, thoroughly understanding the process and its bases.