Dates / 15.04. - 17.04.
Time / 11 - 6 pm
Price / 690€
Students & Seniors / 200€ off / 490€

Benjamin Eck Projects

Müllerstraße 46a / München

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Sign in / workshops@benjamin-eck.com

The three day workshop will concentrate on the salient topics relating to painting the portrait.

Each day will start with Jacob doing a lecture and / or demonstration pertaining to relevant topics and skills in the various stages of a portrait painting.

During the course the participants will paint one or more portrait paintings from photo reference giving them an opportunity to work through the principles covered in the workshop to give a greater understanding. As a bonus Jacob will do a sixty minute expressive portrait demonstration form life after the close of the workshop.

Main topics covered during the workshop
- composition
- accurate drawing (proportions)
- value control (benefits of the 5 value system)
- edge control
- importance of proper temperature shifts
- using value and color to show depth
- color theory
- simplifying shadow shapes
- the use of various tools and techniques to achieve expressive effects
- deconstruction / disrupted realism
- wet into wet painting vs. wet on dry painting

Day 1
First Section:
Introduction to the Portrait workshop. Demonstration of the beginning stages in portrait painting. Concepts to be covered include accurate placement, sight sizing for proportions, massing in the forms, value choices, composition and color design.

1 hour break

Second Section:
Afternoon participants start working on the beginning stage of their portrait painting working from a photo reference.

Day 2
First Section:
Finish portrait demonstration covering expressive mark making, edge control, color theory and fresh color. Afterwards participants will continue their portrait painting.

1 hour break

Second Section:
1-4 Afternoon participant will finish their portrait painting.
+ Bonus demo: 60 minute expressive portrait demo from live model.