Flavio Apel

Dates / 10.05. - 12.05.
Time / 12:00 - 19:00
Price / 490€
Students & Seniors / 50% off / 245€

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Three days drawing workshop

The workshop is aimed at beginners as well as artists with previous knowledge. First, an overview of the different materials and the different drawing techniques is given. The goal of this course is to teach students how to use photo references to create drawings that go beyond mere imitation. It should be attained on the individual strengths of the participants. A special focus is placed on the elaboration of skin structures and hair, in particular the technique of "negative spaces" is to be taught.
When creating a realistic drawing, the handling of different tonal values ​​and the creation of different textures are a special challenge. Here, techniques are to be taught, with which the participants can continue working after the workshop.

The course is loosened up by entertaining drawing exercises, which train the three-dimensional vision and enrich the handling of the pencil with further facets.

Day 1
The different materials and techniques: paper, pencils (different degrees of hardness), graphite dust, paper wipers. Various hatching and blurring techniques

Day 2
From reference image to drawing .: Different possibilities of transmission.
Skin structure and hair: technique of "negative spaces"

Day 3
Drawing techniques for the realization of different textures. Individual advice according to the sign of the participants. What do I want to draw? How can I render the structures with the pencil?