Opening / 13.09. / 18:00 - 21:00 Uhr

Exhibition / 13.09. - 19.09.

Benjamin Eck Projects

Müllerstraße 46a / München

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Just in time for Open Art Munich, Johanna Keimeyer shows at Benjamin Eck Projects her video installation THE FACE WITHIN and underwater photography POOL AROUND ME.

Video installation / Live Performance
daily 7:30 pm

Make the inner world visible: asking "what do I feel?" while cameras project the artist's and audience face on screens. This exhibition explores deeper questions about identity and the core fundamental values that make us human.

THE FACE WITHIN features Keimeyer

live, on stage, in an interview with her while watching a camera. In the interview
Keimeyer questions herself: "Where do my thoughts come from? What is the origin of my being? Who is looking
through my eyes? "Projecting her own body with clustered video screens, she creates a visualization of feelings,
perceptions and their limits. The installation can be affected by the audience for one week.
"I invite the visitor to take a seat, perceive their bodies and step back to follow the current moment. There is no
prescribed script just the vibrant liveliness of the now which lets the emerge. I explore deeper questions
about identity and the core fundamental values ​​that make us human, 'Who are we?' ".

POOL AROUND ME - underwater photography exhibition

Keimeyer creates underwater photographs in over 100 hotel pools worldwide.
She began to develop this series in 2008 while traveling and being inspired by serenity and freedom. It was realized
with the kind support of Martin Nicholas Kunz. Keimeyer currently continues her underwater staging.
Being suspended in water allows for the limitations of the body. In one way, water provides
a sense of weightlessness. However, in water the body is still anchored to its limitations. Keimeyer explores the
moment in between, when time stands still. This is when the photo is taken. With that, Keimeyer questions
ongoing topic "Who am I? What is behind my body? Where is the border between inside and outside? "