Opening / 05.04. / 18:00 - 21:00 Uhr

Exhibition / 05.04. - 22.05.

Benjamin Eck Projects

Müllerstraße 46a / München

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My collection ‘AND THE EARTH WILL EXTEND TO INFINITY, AS BEFORE GALILEO’ recalls our childhood, when the world revealed upon us as mysterious, magical and supernatural as poetry.

Before any major geographical and scientific breakthrough, humans saw the world through the eyes of a child: astonished eyes.

Before the days of Galileo, humans used fantasy to explain what they could not understand and created myths to explain everything, from the naïve and poetic view of life of a child.

This is the purpose of my new collection of paintings: an invitation to contemplate life, even if only for a moment, through the innocent eyes of a child. The children we were once.


Angela Lergo is a boundless and skilled creator, who permanently aims to seek beauty. Her concept of beauty is conceived as an utopia, which can be reached through images. Angela´s attractive, suggestive and shocking tri-dimensional dramatizations seek to touch a wide audience. The impeccable execution of her ideas, along with a contemporary, but yet classical sense of figuration, allows her to develop a rigorous, harmonious and transparent speech.

In her sculptures and installations she creates an imaginary ocean, in which its characters find the placid reverie of being lost and without fears in the introspective ecstasy of immensity. Salt is the distilled essence of these inner seas bringing light to this infinite spaces full of unreal reality.

Angela´s work is made by a woman, but makes man the main character. This character is full of demystifying and egalitarian sensitivity, provided by a feminine and sublimating sense of introspection. Therefore, the model –universal being – is submerged in an atmosphere of self-controlled happiness wishes and endless serenity. In this state, natural gestures of mysticism represent meaningful and sense human actions and thoughts.

Jorge Arévalo, art critic and curator