Opening / 21.03. / 19:00 - 22:00 Uhr

Exhibition / 21.03. - 04.05.

Art Bunker / Munich

Pablo Santibáñez Servat/
Born February 20, 1972. In 1996 he obtained the degree by the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. To date now, has made some solo exhibitions, highlighting those carried out in the years 2004 in the Museum Treccanni (Milan) and the Museo Casa Diego Rivera of Mexico the year 2015. He has participated with success in New York in at least 8 auctions of Latin American art both at Christie's and at Sotheby ' s. Also at the MEAM, Museum of figurative arts of Barcelona (Spain) there is work of him on permanent exhibition. In 1998 he received the Fondart award of the Government of Chile. In the year 2002 Gets the Arauco Academy Graduate Scholarship taking classes with the Chilean painter Guillermo Muñoz-vera .In 2003 he obtained a scholarship from the Complutense University of Madrid as a student of Antonio López " painting and drawing" (El Escorial-Madrid). He has also participated in many art fairs as Dallas Art Fair, Houston Art Fair, Monaco fair, fair of Bologna, as well as in numerous group shows.

Jorge Villalba/

Villalba is a searcher and lover of work well done, he ends one phase without apprehension to enter another, and in all those phases we find him once more.

The work of this young, Spanish artist is made up of different stages, all them characterised by an intense desire for ideal composition, by means of exquisite technique. An indisputable value of his art is it's unsual character; we cannot type-cast it in any artistic school nor in any ephimerous fashion. However, we unavoidably discover the creator in an avantgarde context.

In his paintings he takes a look at: man, God, life or death without causing a wince, as his work, although dramatic, possesses an original combination of humour. Villalba is a natural instigator, an artist of our time who shows us his personal, up-to-date discourse without forgetting the lessons of old masters.