Meet the Artist


Opening / 30.03. / 18.00-21.00

Exhibition / 30.03. - 22.04.

Art Bunker / Munich

Get to know the artist SALUSTIANO personally in the spectacular atmosphere of an old bunker.

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Beautiful, disturbing and profound. This is the painting of this Spaniard, which circulates in galleries and art fairs all over the world and gives a twist to the tradition of portraiture with images in red, combining Renaissance perfection with mathematical rigor.” This is how the American journalist Sandra Lodos defines Salustianos Work.

Seville-born artist Salustiano has been showing his work in museums, art galleries and international art fairs around the world for many years. From his extensive curriculum we could highlight the exhibitions at the Frost Museum in Miami, the YBCA in San Francisco, the Fowler Museum in Los Angeles, the Luma Museum in Chicago, the Nobel Museum in Stockholm or the Cisneros CIFO Foundation in Miami.

International art fairs include Art Cologne, Armory Show in New York, Art Miami, ARCO in Madrid, KIAF in Seoul, Volta in Basel, Miami and New York, Contemporary Istanbul and Art Central in Hong Kong. In art galleries like BHAK in Seoul, Zemack in Tel Aviv, Brockstedt in Berlin, Priveekollektie Contemporary in Heusden aan de Maas or Kavachnina Contemporary in Miami.

Salustiano has confirmed several exhibitions over the next two years and is preparing further exhibitions for Basel, Geneva, Miami, New York, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Munich, Berlin, Sun Valley, Seoul and Mexico DF.

In all these years, Salustiano has been on the covers of magazines and specialized press. We could highlight the covers of Arte Al Límite in Chile, Art Public in Korea, Monopol in Germany or ABC Cultural in Spain. As well as articles and appearances in magazines such as Vogue Spain, Vogue Germany, GQ Japan, Marie Claire Japan, Harper Bazaar Arabia, Harper Bazaar Spain, AD Switzerland, AD Spain, AD Germany, Elle Spain, Elle Decoration Germany and The New York Times among many others.

In addition, there were countless appearances and interviews on radio and television, such as those conducted by the French state broadcaster LCI and the American television station CNN during his stay in New York City.
Several publishers and record companies have bought the reproduction rights to illustrate book and record covers with his paintings. Recently, Ángel Gabilondo, former Spanish Minister of Education, used one of his works to illustrate his latest essay.

Thanks to this artistic recognition, several prestigious international charities have invited Salustiano to collaborate on their projects. These include the Dalai Lama Foundation with the exhibition "The Missing Peace", which toured several continents; the international organization Woman Together with the exhibition “Otras Meninas” sponsored by the World Microcredit Bank of Muhammad Yunus (Nobel Peace Prize), with the active collaboration of the Queen of Spain; the Cisneros Foundation with the exhibition and auction IKF Latin American Art Auction, part of its program for children's health care in Latin America; and the Barraquer Foundation, with which he regularly collaborates.

The Missing Peace, Artist Consider The Dalai Lama was an international exhibition featuring leading figures such as Marina Abramovic, Bill Viola, Anish Kapoor, Laurie Anderson, Richard Avedon and Chuck Close, and Salustiano's work Reincarnation was chosen as the official image for his world tour. This work has been highly acclaimed by international figures such as the Dalai Lama himself, actress Sharon Stone or filmmakers David Lynch and Oliver Stone.

Numerous cultural and political personalities have works by Salustiano in their collections. Its evocative vision of sublime beauty has seduced renowned collectors. Among them are William Mack, President of the Guggenheim Museum Foundation in New York, Sir Niall Fitzgerald, Chairman of the British Museum and President of Reuters, Mr. Guido Westerwelle, former German Foreign Minister, Pérez Simón, Ralph Burnet, the Dalai Lama and Barbra Streisand, at just to name a few.

Salustiano is aware that his presence on international markets is the only way to enable his artistic work to have a solid and sustainably successful career. In this sense, the artist has traveled a long and lonely road to position his work on the foreign market; that is the key to his success. A path full of difficulties and setbacks that involved the analysis of problems as varied and slow to solve as the level of education and the tastes of the public, the capitalization of the galleries, the quality of the artists, etc. Words: “International presence was the result of a long process, not only aesthetically or artistically, but also economically, culturally and educationally".