milkformycoconut/ Florian Eymann

Opening / 04.07. / 19:00 - 22:00

Exhibition / 04.07. - 14.09.

Art Bunker / Munich


His works are primarily concerned with the expression of time and movement, accentuating a beauty of painted model. Taking the human figure, or portrait, as his primary subject matter, the artist’s abstracted versions of reality seek to convey his personal and particular worldview with “extreme” clarity. Exploring stillness and movement simultaneously, the artist displays a Expressionist sensibility through his multilayered canvases. His compositions frequently juxtapose static, monumental objects with quick, expressive brushstrokes in order to suggest that people are defined by their motion and actions, rather than their physical place in the world.

milkformycoconut´s figures inhabit mysterious spaces and ambiguous architecture that shift between the recognizable world and pure form and color. Nudes feature prominently in his oeuvre and are often depicted bathing, lying on beds or floors, or boldly facing the viewer. His paintings, despite having titles, do not usually have a linear narrative. They are simplified so that viewer can fully immerse in subject. Rather, the titles function as tools, mostly to accomplish certain precise emotional state of a painted model, or to tell a story.

milkformycoconut feels a deep connection to art history, especially to the masters of works of Velasquez, Lucian Freud, Francis Bacon. His own artistic influences are wide-ranging, including objects, artists, writers, and thinkers. The influence of post-war figural painters such as Lucien Freud and Francis Bacon is evident in the artist’s fleshy, abstracted figures. Meanwhile, the roots of Petkovic’s color can be found in the works of Vincent Van Gogh, Claude Monet, Joaquin Sorolla, among others.

Florian Eymann/

I like to learn alone, to face the difficulties alone to understand things, I started like this 12 years ago and today I still continue to learn.
I have so much to experiment and explore, today the purpose of my painting is to provoke a reaction, positive or negative. I work a lot on light and mixes, be it a mixture of work like a patchwork or a mixture of time, played with sensations and feelings.

I like to challenge myself, worked on new themes for myself, I also like to re-interpret the great classics of painting to try to bring a contemporary vision of the work.
I only paint with oil, even if it is believed that they are collages, it is not, it's my goal, my style sought, as if I had cut my ideas, cut the time, cut out the epochs to rebuild the future.