Jürgen Heinz

Opening / 31.01. / 6- 9 pm

Exhibition / 01.02. - 23.05.

Benjamin Eck Projects

Müllerstraße 46a / München

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Márta Kucsora's large scale expressive canvasses reflect the micro and macro environment with an enhanced abstract visual language, introducing unique techniques. Her canvases are created with liquid paint, air gun and high gloss lacquers. Additionally, she applies synthetic components in her new works like recycled clingfilm, fabric, thread and solid acrylic.

Márta Kucsora’s work has been featured in museum shows both domestically and internationally, such as Blue: Matter, Mood and Melancholy at 21 Century Museum in Bentonville, Arizona, the Time of Painting at the National Gallery, Budapest, and the Traditional Techniques, Kunsthalle Budapest. Her works has been shown in prestigious art fairs such as Art Paris, Masterpiece London and BRAFA Brussels.

The methods Márta Kucsora employs evoke the likes of notable artists who pushed the boundaries of conventional painting styles, such as Simon Hantai, Judit Reigl, as well as László Moholy-Nagy who's photograms were the original inspiration for her Plantagram series.

Jürgen Heinz works with steel.

His objects are reduced and concentrated, puristic and muscular. Always expressed in a clear design style with an elegance of texture. The viewer takes over the subtle pulse of the sculpture and enters a contemplative state of perception in which he exposes himself to the visual musicality and lyrical power of the material.

The artist expertly plays with weight and form, harmony and contrast, gravity and weightlessness. By presenting heavy steel as a flexible mass, Jürgen Heinz has, as it were, overcome the nature of the material and added a new dimension to it, turning "Heavy Metal" into delicate, sophisticated chamber music. His objects are top-heavy without losing their heads. He creates expressive symbols of tension and liberating energy. The metal sculptor trusts the viewer's desire and ability to develop the given dynamic movement in his imagination. Jürgen Heinz's Moving Sculptures communicate with the audience, touch, captivate, and challenge them to act.

The MOVING SCULPTURES by Jürgen Heinz communicate with the viewer, touch, beguile and call to action.