Living Between Dimensions

Stefanie Welk

Opening / 29.06. / 19-22.00

Exhibition / 29.06. - 01.09.

Art Bunker / Munich

Stefanie Welk’s three-dimensional wire drawings become a translucent and air permeable medium for spiritual flows. Her characters are full of energy and vitality - the heaviness of matter seems suspended. The filigree character of the sculpture connects with the environment - limits and boundaries dissolve. In the upcoming show „Living in Between Dimensions“ she presents new figures as a synthesis of realism and abstraction in diverse formats.

Katharina Lehmann applies the unique technique of thread-drip painting to create her sculptural works. Countless threads cross and intertwine, form an organic world, which is permeated with mobile life despite the monochromy and solidified thingness in acrylic. The idiosyncratic art objects transcend the two-dimensionality of the canvas; The chaotic tapestry of coloring becomes essential; it forms, as it were, a unique art which begins to lead a self-existence in a magical space between object and painting.