Opening / 18.06. / 7-10 pm

Exhibition / 19.06. - 05.09.

Galerie Benjamin Eck

Pestalozzistr. 14 / München

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Luis Selem/

In the last couple of years Luis Selem has developed new dialogues when building his pieces, but the newspaper are always present in Luis's creative process; originally as a covering for objects and now, in this recent series, it is the faces that are enveloped, behind the veil of the texts and the wrapping that defines them, it is the brightness of the eyes that show the character and soul of the subject.
Through visual metaphors Luis's painting resorts to classicism as a vehicle for the construction of his paintings; using metaphor and visual rhetoric to provide interpretation possibilities through the characterization of their models. This process endows pictorial eloquence to turn the combination of signs in his painting into a space of convergence between the hidden characters and the materials that cover the figure. The textures and the skin; typefaces and folds invite a poetic visual experience that contributes to the constant stylistic evolution within the art scene. The letters replace feelings and the objects evoke memories that we carry in our personal history.
The painting calls and once we are trapped, it has the force to persuade us; the gaze moves us although we cannot see the entirety of the face, it makes us wonder if what we do not observe could be considered a portrait as well. It is this differentiating element that Luis' paintings contain and that lead him to become a contemporary artist with a solid aesthetic proposal.
Luis's painting raises new enigmas, new complexities, new textures accompanied by a play of light and shadow among which to be trapped. Our role as spectators in the need that artistic venues create, is to explore and try to constitute instruments of interpretation that help us understand art. This exhibition offers that possibility, enough encouragement to indulge in pleasure and contemplation. It is the omission of elements that enrich through the viewer's gaze to complete what is found on the other side of what is involved.

- David Barrón Molina

- University LA SALLE, Campus Cuernavaca Morelos. Architecture.
- Faculty of Fine Arts, Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro. Visual Arts with specialty in Plastic Arts.

“Professionalization of art” (2008), The Folrece Academy of Art, Florence, Italy; "Professionalization of art"
(2005); "Theoretical and technical aspects of painting" (2006); "Drawing of human figure" (2007); all taught by
the teacher Santiago Carbonell (UAQ) in Querétaro, Mexico.

Solo Shows:
2020 Solo show – September 2020 – (in progress), Toronto, Canada
2020 “Face reality” - David Uessem / Luis Selem, Galerie Benjamin Eck, Munich, Germany.
2019 “Los amuletos de Frida”, House of Culture of Mexico in Madrid, Madrid, Spain.
2017 “Mutable persistencia”, Alfredo Ginocchio Gallery, Mexico City, Mexico.
2016 “Autorretrato”, Santiago Carbonell Foundation / Museum, Queretaro, Mexico
2011 “De lo cotidiano a lo excepcional”, HBO Latinamerica, Alfredo Ginocchio Gallery / Galeria del Sol, Miami
Beach. USA
2010 “De lo cotidiano a la excepcional”, Alfredo Ginocchio Gallery. Mexico
“De lo cotidiano a lo excepcional”, Museum of Art in Queretaro, Queretaro, Mexico.
“A True Story”, Alfredo Ginocchio Gallery, Mexico City, Mexico.
2008 “Mitología”, Galería Oscar Román, Mexico City, Mexico.
“Corpus II”, Galería Jardín Borda, Cuernavaca, Morelos, México.
2006 “Adán & Eva”, Galería DRT (Desarrollos Residenciales Turísticos), Queretaro, Mexico.
“Iconografía Católica”, Museum of the City, Queretaro, Mexico.
“Estigma”, Diego Rivera Gallery, PROART, Queretaro, Mexico
“Iconografía Católica”, Museum of the city, Queretaro, Mexico.


David Uessem /
David Uessem - at the interface of painting. Detailed, realistic and at the same time abstract, the artist devotes himself in his works to a synergy between time and space. He uses different techniques, which differ in material, nature and the depicted. Through the interplay of supposedly contradictory motifs and styles, he creates a subtle reality in a unique way. For David Uessem, the situational perception of reality is the focus of his work. Movement and transience, topical issues and significant milestones, memories and feelings are the attributes that fill his images with aesthetics and excitement.