Opening / 27.01. / 19:00 - 22.00

Exhibition / 27.01. - 12.03.

Galerie Benjamin Eck

Pestalozzistr. 14 / München

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The work of Cuban prodigy Darian Mederos focuses on the ubiquitous human face. Emotional and full of meaning, our faces embrace the vast human experience, revealing all at once or nothing at all. Even hidden there are nuances. Our expressions transcend borders, races and cultures, they are a common thread in humanity. A smile is a smile is a smile.

With the "Obscura Series" Mederos creates something new, a photorealistic abstraction. The bubble wrap reflects light and distorts the underlying image, only at a distance.
The works come into focus. Viewed up close, the faces dissolve into bold strokes of flesh tones and painted light. With the "Obscura series" the artist asks the viewer to ask us from a respectful distance to understand the core of human identity.

Mederos attended his first two years at the Leopoldo Romañach Art School in his hometown of Santa Clara, Cuba. Always striving to improve, he applied and was accepted at the Western Hemisphere's acclaimed and established art school, La Academia Nacional de Bellas Artes San Alejandro, in Havana, Cuba.

At the age of 22, Mederos left Cuba alone. He arrived in Miami and was signed to his first gallery in less than six weeks.

Since then his work has been shown in LA, NY, Miami, Santa Fe, London and Dinard, France. His work is in private collections worldwide including London, Miami, NY, LA, Shanghai, Malaysia, Tel Aviv, Italy, Estonia and Denmark.