Opening / 26.11. / 18.00-21.00

Exhibition / 27.11. - 15.01.

Benjamin Eck Projects

Müllerstraße 46a / München

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The Artist, born in Mühldorf am Inn in 1966, combines technology with artistic brilliance and creates light-generating structures that question light, space and human perception. By using a wide variety of materials, such as LED lights, fluorescent tubes, glass, plexi, mirrors and metal, he tries out all conceivable ways of dealing with light and their effect on the room.

His illusionistic works are well received all over the world and have been the subject of many groups and solo exhibitions, especially in Europe and the USA, since 1993.

He studied in the Art Students League New York until 1994 and taught at the Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart from 2007 to 2013.


Born in Bozen, Italy, Peter Demetz has reached international acclaim for his intricate wood carvings. After studying at the Ortisei Art Institute, Demetz acquired an apprenticeship under master sculptor Heinrich Demetz, whose focus in creating “sacred art” had a profound impact on Peter and his work. Demetz went on to study educational and developmental psychology so as to begin teaching lectures and seminars. Since 2001, Demetz has taught wood-carving, drawing, design, anatomy, and other courses for the Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara, Daetz-Centrum in Lichtenstein, Germany, the design center of Swarovski in Austria, and the LKJ-Sachsen in Leipzig.

Demetz’s work features extraordinarily detailed wooden figures positioned in a light-box as if on a theatrical stage. The figures' outer appearance are often downplayed or hidden so as to draw attention to their inner world. There is always a presence of individual self-reflection in each of Demetz’s works, which have captured international attention through exhibitions in Italy, Austria, Germany, the United States, Belgium and Turkey as well as fairs such as Art Miami