Eröffnung / 20.09. / 7-10pm

Ausstellung / 21. - 10.11.

Art Bunker / Munich

Apparently out of nowhere a universe emerges out of the sophisticated interplay of rules and chance. A universe in search of its own meaning, perhaps the meaning of our existence, says Gregor Hiltner. The rules that force chance into a system, he calls old-fashioned composition theory.

Gregor Hiltner's passion has always been for painting. She oscillates between the antagonisms such as the festivities, the strictly architectural and the informal, or even between the narrative, sometimes even the figurative and the abstract. His work lives on manifold changes in ever new cycles. His very own signature remains unmistakable.
His works are reminiscent of a creative chaos, coupled with geographical elements.
The tension in abstract work is that every viewer sees different things in it, the latitude of interpretation of each is unlimited.
His large format canvas works are inspired by the lyrical abstraction, a style that came to Europe in the late 1940s.
Gregor Hiltner was born in 1950 in Nuremberg and studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich.

Gregor Hiltner presented his works in more than 100 INDIVIDUAL EXHIBITIONS in New York, Chicago, Montreal, Paris, London, Glasgow, Amsterdam, Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Munich and Stuttgart.
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