Valentina Murabito (* 1981) is an experimental photographer who crosses the boundaries of black & white analogue photography. Her works can not be imitated with any digital photography. She creates images that have a new formal language, away from conventional photography.

The large and small-format works exhibited in the exhibition "Against Identity" at the ponyhof artclub, show subjects detached from their space, which appear to float freely in the relentless white or all absorbing black. The image language is focused on gestures and composition of the figures. In vain, the viewer looks for clues that embed the models into a space or a story. The connection between the shown works lies in the representation of identity as something conflict-laden, tension-rich and elusive, both cathartic and regenerating. The Protagonist is not the reality or the similarity of the shown subject, but a feeling expressed in the form. The models escape the viewer, revealing the contradictory rational and self-destructive qualities of a personality, their human insecurities.
After 15 years of continuous work in the darkroom with different formats and materials, she now explores the limits of the properties of photo paper and goes directly into the room. In interaction with the architecture of her Berlin studio, a wall painting of 3x4m has been created showing a bird of prey with a human face. In its wings, which span two windows, it carries with it the urge of man, and looks desperately at the observer. For the first time the ponyhof artclub will present a documentation of the process of production and work on artificial walls to the public. With this experiment, Murabito belongs to a handful of European photographers who have taken the step out of the the medium photo paper, into a three dimensional room.
Murabito's works are a hybrid of different arts that are combined into experimental photography. Their aesthetic result is a subtle play between the "reality" of photography and the "fiction" of painting. Each of her works are unique and can not even be created again by the artist herself. A truly unique experience. In numerous individual and group exhibitions, In Germany, Austria and Italy. Murabito is known for her interventions in public space and performances in Paris, Turin and Berlin.  

S. Kizilirmak




  • “Melankólikus”, Atelier Giorgi, Turin, Italy, 2013

  • "Technique studies #2", Studio Chérie, Berlin, 2013

  •  “I am not”, ACUD galerie, Berlin, 2013


  •  “Contra. Punkt”, Fabrik Osloer Straße, Berlin, 2012


  •  “In mir”, GAD Galerie, Berlin, 2011

  • “Nicht hier”, Territorium 91 Galerie, Berlin, 2011


  • “Alterità”, Mercati Generali, Catania, Italy, 2007

  • “L’altro e Dio”, Avantgarde Art Club, Catania, Italy, 2007 



  • "Provokateure", Størpunkt  Galerie, München, Germany, 2016


  • "Who Art You?", Fabbrica del Vapore, EXPO 2015, Milan, Italy, 2015


  • “St. Leopold Friedenspreis 2014”, Stift Klosterneuburg, Klosterneuburg,  Austria, 2014

  • “LVIII° National Prize for Contemporary Art Basilio Cascella", Civic Museum of Villa Coppetti, Castelbellino, Italy, 2014

  • “3 Tage Kunst”, Kommunale Galerie Berlin, Berlin, 2014

  • “III° National Prize Paola Occhi for painting and photography”, Centro Polifunzionale, Migliarino, Italy, 2014

  • “Veramiglia Contest 2014”, Delizia Estense del Verginese Museum, Gambulaga, Italy, 2014

  • “FORM – A(R)T  2014”, Kunstverein Glinde e.V., Glinde, Germany, 2014


  • “(CO)ESISTERE”, Albertina Academy of Fine Arts, Torino Performance Art, Turin, Italy, 2013

  • “(CO)ESISTERE”, Serendipity gallery, Berlin, 2013

  • “I am not”, Theatre De Verre, Place à l'Art Performance, Paris, 2013 

  • “Fluchtpunkt”, Serendipity gallery, Berlin, 2013


  • “Ich wäre für eine Welt zu haben”, Serendipity gallery, Berlin, 2012

  • “Count to 20 - Zähl bis Zwanzig”, ACUD kunsthaus, Berlin, 2012 

  • “Luogo visivo del silenzio”, Green Box, Turin, Italy, 2012 


  • “Ästhetische Intervention #3”, Art intervention in public space, Berlin, 2011

  • “0,5 mg Schönheit”, Art intervention in public space, Friedrichstraße, Berlin, 2011

  • "Ästhetische Intervention #1", Art intervention in public space, Berlin, 2011


  •  “Astrazioni dal quotidiano”,Benedictine Monastery, Catania, Italy, 2007 

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