Why do faces have an impact on me? Why is this way of representing urging me? At first there is a phantasm. Followed by a discussion. My respondent is a beautiful projection. But then materials and structures become relevant: thin, thick, soft, tough, dark, bright, straight, transverse or diagonal, smooth or brittle. The variety denies simple representation. My sense for skin discovers somebody different. This unknown entity appears chaotic to me – it resists to obey for a long time. But I stay curious. The capacity: regarding the composition, the head is actually dull in its compactness. The essential process happens on the surface and on its edges. The relief becomes opened up to the space by the rudiments of a body. That is as well, how I stay in motion – centripetal – centrifugal. The colours and colour areas upon the human beings are catalyser and become involved - one time resembling a portrait, another time a mask. When the piece of wood becomes a face, people take a look at it. When somebody watches attentive, he reveals himself.  How fortunate if everybody watches!








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