SILENT WATERS / oil on canvas

Vernissage / 27.10 19:00 - 22:00 h
Exhibition / 28.10 - 14.01

Everybody has made the experience that water has something consolatory. Water is an element like fire you can´t grab for, but full of energy.This energy builds forms that change in seconds,creates space in huge and small dimensions , surrounds you without capturing you. There is nearly no moment where water shows you a deeper view in depth and space.It mirrows the sourrounding and forms it new as dispersion of light.Water is boundless and gives the contemplator a feeling of spirituell freedom.

At the end of a long way,I had let taken myself from this energy and these spaces; here I found new strength to move on.

Eunjung Seo

Both painter Eunjung Seo as well as Reisha Perlmuter will attend the reception on Thurs 27th.

Kind regards,
Benjamin Eck

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