Galerie Benjamin Eck München


Benjamin Eck

Benjamin Eck Gallery for Contemporary Art in Munich shows a spectrum from photorealism to abstract painting, from oversized to small-scale works, in visual and plastic media, objects and sculptures - represented in the works of renowned international artists such as Victor Rodriguez or Clio Newton. Unconventional materials, such as steel or paraffin, complement classical oil paintings and bronze sculptures, while there remains space between the two great themes human and abstraction for a wide variety of contemporary art.

With fresh concepts, such as the ARTLAB Munich or the Gallery at Night series, a platform is offered to emerging young artists and new potential is valued and promoted. Through these exhibitions, the gallery is constantly in touch with potential newcomers and mediates between established art circles and new creative talents.

The architecture of the gallery in the Glockenbachviertel is owed to its past as a carriage ride, and with the high ceilings it offers not only a suitable framework for the art, but also a modern and unusual room-concept for the visitor. Thanks to the window facade, daylight and open space create an atmosphere in which one can lose oneself in art.

Benjamin Eck II

Benjamin Eck Gallery II offers a large area for sculptures in larger dimensions with an outside area and 180 square meters. Both in the garden as well as in the vaults of the souterrain space for new formats is created.

The opening of the second gallery near the center of Munich is a logical development that supplements the gallery concept: spaciousness, brick walls and access through the garden give the visitor the impression of an intimate, exclusive art experience. Not only is there a lot of space on the generous wall area for the group exhibitions of the ARTLAB but also the niches offer space for free-standing sculptures and plastics, separated and individual.