David Moreno

/ Mareo Rodriguez

/ Yosman Botero

Opening / 15.03. / 19-22.00

Exhibition / 16.03. - 21.04.

Galerie Benjamin Eck

Pestalozzistr. 14 / Glockenbachviertel

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Territorial Lines refers to the different perception of space and how the concept of line is defined differently in the political concepts of Yosman Botero, the imaginary architectural situations of David Moreno, and in the abstract landscapes of Mareo Rodriguez.

This exhibition brings together the current works of these three artists from Barcelona.

(Cúcuta, Columbia 1983)

Yosman shows works from two different series.
In POSTCOLOMBINO he constructs an intertwined form through the repeated superposition of layers of a rifle, concealing the illusion of a fictive object.
These collages, held on a neutral black background, take over the focus of documentary photography of museum or jewel catalogs and transfer the concept of cultural value to the new presentation, which underlines their craftsmanship character.

"The reinterpretation of historical iconic objects, such as a firearm, allows Botero to link the pre-colonial past with the armed conflict of recent decades and the current situation in Colombia."

The THIS LAND IS (A) MINE series deals with the problems of colonialism and uncovers territorial disputes between the big multinationals and small, artisanal mining communities.
The English term MINE is given two meanings; once it indicates a territorial possession and secondly it is seen as a mine..


(Barcelona, Spain 1978)
In his sculptures, David Moreno builds imaginary buildings. Those who think about their works will automatically lose themselves in them. To the aesthetic experience, the reflective must be added. Moreno's architectures tell us about human relationships: the bonds that we build, the connections, the streams of energy, the love or the power between people.
Moreno sees our connections, affiliations and phobias with those thin lines that connect us to others or to us. But this is just an interpretation, everyone will find their own meaning for these flexible but strong piano strings that connect the elements together.
The work of David Moreno is meticulous: each line is welded with a silver thread tip. Point by point how human bonds are built.

"We are in the house and we are at the same time the house: the inhabitant becomes the inhabitant".

David Moreno explores new areas by experimenting with color and giving his sculpture another dimension.
In the new series by Moreno, Connection of Cathedral, he continues in the construction of imaginary spaces by a house disappears in its place, steps and Romanesque gates step. Flexible connections are replaced by rigid steps.

The relationship is different. The descents and ascents can have multiple interpretations: from the mystical experience to the structures of power.

(Mexico, Colombia  1981)

Rodriguez's work is a view of matter, topography and natural territory, conceived as a condensation of light, as a constantly moving energetic mantle. Epidermal stratification through time, with a telluric language that emerges, pushes, gravitates and reveals various tensions across the landscape. I try to cover different scales within my artistic approach, from the massiveness of the mountains and rocks to the decantation process and the fragmentation to the stone as a basic unit.

"I'm interested in matter as condensing light, its process of transforming and expanding energy over time, losing weight, to return to the origin."

There is a spiritual attitude in which art is a language and a direct line of communication with a higher source; The artist is then just a channel to materialize and transmit this message.

In the process of its creation there are two project axes between painting and sculpture; where the constant search for new techniques, materials and resources reinforces his discourse and his deep love of nature.